PowerWorks project gallery

Some projects are straightforward and others are more involved. Whatever your situation, PowerWorks will get you the power you need to run your life in style.

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Bedroom Lighting

Here are pictures from a project in West Duluth.The customer was doing some bedroom remodeling and wanted more lighting. This also was done with no sheetrock needing to be repaired, wires were all fished through existing attic space.

Commercial Building Wiring

These pictures are for a commercial building we wired for Gulbranson Excavating in Eveleth. Installed a new feeder from the existing building to the new shop, installed a new electrical panel, new LED light fixtures and receptacles throughout the shop as seen.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Here is a before and after on an electrical upgrade we did for a customer in Cloquet, MN. The old fuses kept blowing which was affecting his dryer working properly so upgraded to an electrical panel with circuit breakers for a much better installation.

Lights and Receptacles

Here are pictures for wiring we did for a customer in Rice Lake who wanted to have some lights, receptacles and heater installed for a cold storage building. We don’t care what kind of building or type of work that needs done, we do it all while serving our customers with excellent service and competitive pricing!!

Living Room Project

Here are pictures from a living room project.

Electrical Miscellaneous Tasks

The first two pictures show a before/after of cleaning up a messy circuit breaker panel, installing new breakers and rebalancing circuit loads. The next is a power supply and shutoff for an outdoor hot tub.

New Home Wiring

These pictures are for electrical wiring on a new house in the Pike Lake area that is currently under construction by Wausau Homes. We take great pride in leaving a home cleaner that when we arrived and we look forward to going back soon to install all the energy efficient light fixtures (many LED recess can lights which use very little energy) and ensure that the owners will have a nice new home to move into.

Office Remodel

Here are pictures from an office remodel.